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If You’re Looking To Establish A Day And Night Routine Your Kid Loves; Then you need this morning and night routine chart; While other toddler routine chart checklists are cheaply made overseas, Our morning and bedtime checklist for kids is USA made.Build Good Habits That Stick; You'll receive 1 - 8x10" magnetic kids morning routine chart, 1 - 8x10" magnetic bedtime chart for toddlers, 2 - sticker sheets, 1 - dry erase marker, and 1 - melamine eraser.Help Your Kids Feel Proud Of Themselves; This toddler chart daily routine gives kids a major sense of achievement; Skyrocket motivation to complete tasks with this kids chart daily routine toddler checklist/kids daily schedule chart for home kids dry erase board.Provide Structure To Cultivate Future Success; Use as a daily schedule chart for kids, kids reminder chart kids daily checklist, morning board visual schedule for toddlers, good night reward chart for a boy or girl, magnetic responsibility chart for kids, or responsibility chart for kids ages 4-8.We are so confident in the quality of our day and night routine charts that we offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty. If you have any issues with your routine charts, we will replace them with a smile; Our family-owned business wants to help you make your child's daily routine a little more fun. More importantly, we want to help your kid build lifelong habits that set them up for success; Why wait, get your day and night routine chart today