POSSPO Jupiter CD DVD Player for Car with USB Port AUX Port, Portable External CD Player That Plugs into Car Laptop Desktop TV Mac Computer, Plug & Play –Upgraded with Extra USB Extension Cable


【Portable USB CD Player】This CD player is for car without CD player. It was designed with a USB interface, which needs to be plugged into the USB port of car stereo. So make sure your car stereo has a USB port. The CD player also comes with a USB extension cable, so you can place the CD player anywhere that you want in your car, like center console, dashboard, glove box, etc..【Plug and Play--Easy to Use】Plug the CD player into the USB port of car stereo/radio. Insert a CD disc into the CD player. Then the CD player will be recognized by the car stereo as a USB drive. Find the USB drive on the car stereo, and click the USB drive. Tracks of the CD disc will be shown on the car stereo. Click one of the tracks to start playing CD disc..【Compatible with More Vehicles】This upgraded CD player is compatible with car stereos which support playing music files in the format of WAV. So it is compatible with more cars as long as the car stereos can play WAV music files. This external CD player can be used on both Android and Non-Android car stereos, including factory radios manufactured in recent years..【2-in-1 CD + DVD Player with Wide Application】Not only can it work as a CD player, but it can also work as a DVD player. If this DVD player is used on the car stereo to play DVDs, please make sure your car stereo supports playing VOB DVDs. Not only can this CD player be used for multimedia navigation screens with USB interface, but it can also be used on Windows, desktops, laptops, smart TVs, etc..【What You Need to Do Before Purchase】Please make sure your car radio supports playing WAV music files before purchase. Please contact us if you are not sure whether this external CD player is compatible with your car stereo. We will help you confirm this as long as you contact us via Amazon messages.