GUCHENSHAN This is a Magical Music Toy, an Electronic Instrument That can Produce Wonderful Sounds and Bring Kid a Different Gaming Experience. It is The Best Gift for Kids(Yellow Elk)


【CUTE APPEARANCE】 It has a cute appearance, and kids will love it. It is made of advanced silicone, with a very comfortable feel and can better protect kid’s hands without unpleasant odors..【WHAT IS IT】 It is a globally popular music toy that, like musical instruments, can produce a wider range of notes, play high and low notes, and also play music. Hold down its mouth and make unexpected sounds. Its innovative and unique design has made it popular worldwide and won the admiration and love of many people..【HOW TO PLAY】 The black area on its long body is the playing area. Pressing this position can emit various notes, and from top to bottom, it can play 7 notes: "C, D, E, F, G, A, B". Behind its cute mouth, it can adjust high and low pitches and volume. Kids can use it to play various songs. Some people also use it to amuse various pets..【SIMPLE OPERATION】 Its operation is very simple, without the need for professional music theory knowledge. Its various pronunciations are cute and funny, making it the best gift for a Kids, a fun item for friends' gatherings, and can also be used to amuse your pet..AAA Batteries ×3(Without battery) Body Size: Approx 12.21" (31 cm)