Go-Ferm Yeast Rehydration Nutrient - 2 oz (56.7 g) - Make Wine Cider Mead Kombucha At Home - Sold by CAPYBARA Distributors Inc.


INCLUDES: 1 pack (2 oz / 56.7 g) of Go-Ferm Yeast Rehydration Nutrient..Go-Ferm provides bioavailable micronutrients in the non-stressful environment of the yeast rehydration water, instead of the traditional method of adding micronutrients to the must. During rehydration, the yeast acts like a sponge, soaking up Go-Ferm’s bioavailable nutrients. It is a 100% yeast product, produced through a specific autolysing process on yeast biomass to obtain high levels of certain essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc..By making key minerals and vitamins available to the selected yeast at the critical beginning of its stressful task, the yeast’s viability increases and fermentations finish stronger. The use of Go-Ferm results in the significantly better overall health of yeast cells throughout the fermentation, affecting fermentation kinetics and resulting in a cleaner aromatic profile..Because it is 100% natural (No UREA is used anywhere in the production of Go-Ferm ), Go-Ferm must be suspended in rehydration water just before the addition of the active dried yeasts (the use of inorganic salts or DAP in the rehydration water is harmful to the yeast). Use 30 g/hL of Go-Ferm when rehydrating yeast to supply critical micronutrients..Manufactured by Lallemand Inc. and re-packaged in Canada by CAPYBARA Distributors Inc.



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