Smileactives 5-Piece Teeth Whitening Kit Bundle - 3 Pack Teeth Whitening Gel (add to Toothpaste) + 2 Whitening Pens (Vanilla Mint)


Bright & Vibrant Smiles - Enhance your confidence with a whiter smile! Smileactives whitening gel achieves clinical-grade whiteness at home by penetrating the enamel pores across the entire tooth’s surface to lift and remove stains, revealing luminous whiteness.Easy & Convenient Teeth Whitener - Say goodbye to your complicated and ineffective teeth whitening kit. Smileactives whitening gel makes it easy. Simply, add the teeth whitening gel to your toothpaste during your regular brushing routine. That’s it! No extra effort is required – it really is something worth smiling about.Polyclean Technology - Unlike white strips for teeth whitening or a teeth whitening pen, Smileactives tooth whitening gel whitens the whole tooth, not just the front. The pioneering Polyclean technology generates an ultra-fine teeth whitening foam which carries the whitening ingredient to all the nooks and crannies.Fast-Acting Results - Let’s talk science. Using hydrogen peroxide and Polyclean technology, Smileactives tooth whitener formula is fast-acting and achieves long-term whiteness. A clinical study of 16 subjects showed preliminary results of a brighter smile after just 7 days and a dramatic result of 8 shades whiter after 14 days*.Quality Ingredients - Enjoy a long-lasting, white bright smile with Smileactives toothpaste gel – without damage or discomfort. Smileactives teeth whitening products are free from alcohol, parabens, detergents and all harsh substances and are perfect for tackling coffee stains, red wine stains and general everyday wear & tear



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