MLMLH Ideal Diode Solar Ideal Diode Controller Module 50A Solar Panel Battery Charging Anti Reverse Irrigation Protection Ideal Diode for Solar Panels in Parallel


1.【Features】: The input and output are equivalent to diodes. When the output voltage is detected to be greater than the input value, the output will be turned off. The detection value is at the millivolt level and the response speed is fast..2.【Function】: It has the reverse input protection function of the ideal diode controller..3.【Purpose】: The ideal diode module can remove ordinary high-current diodes and is an ideal choice for parallel connection of solar panels. It is suitable for panel battery charging backfeed protection..4.【Advantages】: This diode high current board provides a way to reduce losses, reduce heat dissipation requirements and save circuit board space..5.【Parameters】: working voltage: 9-70V, working current: maximum 50A, copper foil thickness: 1.5 ounces. Size: approx. 38*54mm/1.5*2.1 inches.



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