Organic Natural Loofah Sponge, Unbleached, 6 Pcs Luffa in Bulk, Eco Friendly Deep Clean Exfoliating Bath Scrubber for Adults, Men and Women Shower and Body Skin Care


Purely natural: We use only high-quality, mature loofah that has been carefully selected and processed. Our method involves soaking, cleaning, drying, screening, dividing, and flattening the loofah, all done by hand without any bleaching. As a result, you may notice black seeds in the loofah, but this is a normal occurrence. Simply wash the loofah thoroughly before using it..Quick-drying structure: Nourished by natural rain and dew, the loofah with porous structure is naturally formed, which is ventilated and conducive to drying..Deep exfoliation: The unprocessed natural plant fiber is different from the chemical fiber. Its soft and uneven filiform surface fits the skin better, so as to achieve deep exfoliation, Let your skin delicate and shiny, very suitable for bathing..Multipurpose: Natural unbleached, healthy and no damage to the skin, biodegradable, can be used for bathing, kitchenware cleaning, pet toys, diy handmade soap, etc..Tips: Don't be surprised when you find it is flat and hard, just put it in warm water and soak it until it expands and becomes soft. Remember to clean it up in time after each use and hang it to dry in a ventilated place.



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