HIFROM 3Pack Replacement Humidifier Wick Filters Water Panel Filter BAYPAD01A1010A Compatible with Trane HUMD200 HUMD200A HUMD200T HUMD200ABA00B THUMD200 Whole House Humidifiers


Replacement Humidifier Wicking Filters Water Panel Compatible with Trane Humidifier HUMD200, HUMD200A, HUMD200T, HUMD200ABA00B, HUMD200ABM00B, AHUMD200A, ATHUMD200, ATHUMD200ABA00B, ATHUMD200T, THUMD200, THUMD200ABA00B, THUMD200ABM00B.Water Panel Humidifier Wicking Filter Compatible with Part # Trane/American Standard BAYPAD01A1010A. Whole House Humidifier Pad Approximate Size: 10inch x 9.5inch x 1.5inch. Package Included: 3 x Humidifier Wick Filter.Honeycomb pad design, allows for maximum absorption of water for optimum moisture output. Capture impurities in water, such as mineral deposits, it allows a smooth, cool and invisible mist to permeate your home's air. Maintain healthy indoor air quality..This replacement Humidifier Wick Filter is a great, affordable option for your home humidification. This replacement filter to prevent your home air excessive dryness, especially during winter and summer the low humidity occurs most often. This decrease in humidity can have uncomfortable effects on your body, aggravating your nose, throat and even triggering asthmatic symptoms. Replace a new Humidifier Wick Filter is a good solution to increase the air humidity..HIFROM focuses on providing high-quality products and services. If you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions, please send a message to our seller support and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.