3/4 inch Standard Condensate Trap with 16" Brush, Transparent U Trap,Effectively drains condensate in a variety of HVAC systems…


Condensate water treatment: The standard condensate water collector adopts gradient design, which can effectively discharge condensate water in various HVAC systems; the U-shaped tube filled with water is enough to stop the suction force from pulling water back to the air conditioner, preventing the condensate water from flowing back, allowing the water to Ejected smoothly..Clear U-Tube Design: Clear PVC U-shaped tube and open blue lid allow you to easily check if there is any sediment clogging the trap and easily open for cleaning.Flexible Cleaning Brush: Equipped with a 16-inch flexible brush, you can easily push the brush into the trap for cleaning Durable and durable: the condensate collector is made of high-quality PVC;.EASY INSTALLATION: It is very easy to install and works well with 3/4 inch PVC drains in central air conditioning, furnace condensate and HVAC systems;.NOTE: Remember to prime and PVC bond the clear parts to avoid leaks



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