INKBIRDPLUS Metal Detector Pinpointer with LCD Display, Handy High Performance Metal Detector Metal Reader in 3 Alarm Modes, IP68 Metal Detecting Pinpointer Waterproof 50Ft Depth for Adults and Kids


🚩【360°High-Sensitivity Accurate Detection】360-degree metal detecting pinpointer, high-precision, a high-sensitivity metal detector pinpointer with a sensing distance of 6-8 cm, which can quickly and accurately detect small targets. Pinpointer for metal detecting metals outdoors, sand, lawn, and soil. Also for metal detecting pinpointer various objects such as coins, gold, silver, cultural relics, jewelry, etc. Your perfect gift for the holidays, your metal detector treasure pinpointer!.🚩【LCD Signal with LED Light】The metal detector pinpointer instrument is equipped with an LCD screen and LED light. metal detecting pinpointer Waterproof is convenient for day and night use. The closer the target by your metal detector pinpointer, the stronger the signal on the metal detector pinpointer. Metal detecting pinpointer can help you achieve precise positioning in small areas that large metal detectors cannot. Metal detector pinpointer perfectly matches your precise pinpointer needs..🚩【Fully Waterproof Special Design】The INKBIRDPLUS metal detector pinpointer ---metal detecting pinpointer waterproof, which can fully immerse the metal detector in 50 feet of water, and can be used without worry in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans. (Note: Before using the metal detector pinpointer in water, make sure the battery cover of the metal detecting pinpointer is tightened and sealed.).🚩【Metal Detectors Alarm Modes】Metal detector pinpointer has three alarm modes: Audio, Vibration, and Audio + Vibration, choose your metal detecting pinpointer best mode according to the usage environment. Metal Detecting Pinpointer Waterproof ---Audio mode, audio is suitable for quiet environments on land, the vibration mode is suitable for underwater, vision-limited places, and audio + vibration mode is suitable for noisy environments..🚩【 Using Metal Detector Pinpointer Kit】The metal detector pinpointer kit includes a complete set of batteries, waist sleeves, and retractable ropes. Metal detecting pinpointer waterproof is used for Family activities, holiday gifts, and carry-out activities ( metal detectors as outdoors metal detector pinponter---beach, cave, water exploration, etc.). INKBIRDPLUS metal detector pinpointer will be your best choice for metal detecting pinpointer waterproof.