Generator Interlock Kit Compatible with Siemens and Murray, ECSBPK02 Mechanical Interlock Kit Between the Main Breaker Powered by Utility Power and Generator Powered by Standby Power.


【Compatible Models】Generator Interlock Kit Compatible with Siemens and Murray panels between the main breaker powered by utility power and generator powered by standby power..【Interlock Breaker Types】QP to QP or QP to QPP(Simens) and MP-T to MP-T or MP-T to MPP-T(Murray)..【Easy to Install】Just install the plate on the main breaker to ensure it is OFF when generator breaker is ON. Easy to install, no need extra control box or wiring..【Safety Generator Interlock kit】This kit avoids the inconveniences that an unexpected power outage can cause. It is used to direct generator power to any circuit within your home safely. It is truly a great way to safely connect up a generator while assuring that you have access to all of your home electrical appliances..【Package Contents】Our Generator Interlock kit include 1 ×Interlock plate, 1 × Instruction Bulletin, 1×Compatible Model Lists, 1×Caution Reminder Sticker. No need to buy a separate transfer switch. The generator lockout kit installs and works on your existing breaker panel, saving your money and time.



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