Aquarium Sponge Filter Luxury Set for Breeding Fry, Fish Tank Fine Small Sponge Filter up to 10 Gallon, Fish Tank Mini Bio Foam Filter for Betta Shrimp (5x Mini Sponge Filter)


Floats bad! - Comes with very strong and reliable suction cups that won't fall off and won't float the Sponge Filter. Great for my fry tanks!.No odor - The delicate sponge has been sterilized and sterilized at high temperature. Although it is small in size, it has good quality. Can be safely used in all kinds of ornamental fish breeding, breeding and fish formation, especially for colorful fairy, small fish,shrimp tank, betta tank etc..Don't use it in a tank with turtles - the turtle is quite curious, he will play with the sponge and use the sponge as food......Dual function - They provide oxygen and filtration. These don't require an air stone you just need to prepare an air pump and tube (inner diameter 4mm)..Awesome little filters - These are great little filters and if you have purchased any sponge filters in a pet store you will know these are a great value compared to those prices. We use them in fry grow out tanks and they work great.



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