MAGICYOYO Dual Purpose Yoyo- Responsive Yoyo N11 & Unresponsive Yoyo Alloy YoYo with Yoyo Glove + Bag + Unresponsive Bearing Kit + 12 Yoyo Strings -Black Golden


★DUAL FUNTION YOYO - MAGICYOYO N11 Black Golden Yoyo New Dual Purpose Version. It’s pro metal yoyo with responsive bearing which great for entry level players. Attached Extra unreponsive bearing for replacing to an unresponsive yoyo from a respnsive yoyo. Fits for different levels from a beginner to advanced yoyo player!.★RESPONSIVE YOYO FOR BEGINNERS - N11-Plus yo-yo is a responsive yoyo great for beginners and kids . Its weight is moderate, and the yo-yo can be easily return by pulling the yoyo string gently. It’s perfect for the entry level players..★UNRESPONSIVE BIND RETURN YOYO - Change the Responsive bearing of N11-Plus to Unresponsive concave bearing, then you get an Unresponsive yoyo N11. For Unresponsive You have to do a trick called a bind to get it to return to hand. We recommended learn more yo-yo skills on YouTube. It is a great flagship entry-level unresponsive yo-yo for those Intermediate and Advance players who want something a litter sturdier than plastic with style string yoyo tricks (1A, 3A, 5A)..★MAGICYOYO N11 WITH DETACHABLE WEIGHT RINGS - obtain long spin time! If There is A String Get Stuck: 1.Remove the string firstly 2.Take a look at whether the ball is loose and the two hemispheres must be tightened well 3. Attach the string properly.(The most important thing).★MAINTENANCE OF BEARING -After 15 minutes of use, please Add Yoyo Bearing Oil to lube the bearing to extend bearing life. Can search and buy yoyo bearing lubricant on Amazon, it helps lubricate ball-bearing axles on yoyos to increase both spin and response times and help your bearing last longer.



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