XFISHMAN Fly-Tying-Thread-Kit-6/0-3/0 Fly Tying Supplies Fly Fishing Materials Accessories


Why need 3/0 thread? If you’re tying bass bugs, wooly buggers, spinning hair and so on, our 3/0 is the ticket. Some folks tie all their dries with 8/0, but it takes some practice!.Why need strong thread? ---No matter for beginner or master when tying some complicated flies, thread broken means restarting, which will waste a lot of time. This set of thread combination uses custom fiber, which has high strength, ensuring that you can complete the tying smoothly without breaking the thread..Why need 6 color thread ? Different flies need different color combinations to show perfect effects. The 6 colors in this set are the most commonly used. They can satisfy 90% of your fly tying..A strong thread for sizes 2/0-10, flies with breaking strength of 4 lb.Size: 3/0 110 yards (100m)



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