GPS Tracker 4G LTE 5000mA GPS Tracker for Vehicles Standby 60 Days Car Tracker Device Free Installation 180 Days Historical Route Tracking Devices for Cars Hidden 5 Strong Magnets USB Charging(TK905)


🚗Scope of application: The GPS Tracker-TK905 for Vehicles has good water resistance and strong magnetic properties, Suitable for large-sized, valuable products. So take it for outdoor riding, touring and racing..🚙Real time Tracking: GPS Tracker-TK905 is a locator that works based on existing 4G LTE network and GPS satellites, we can remotely locate the device through SMS, mobile APP and web tracking software in real time..🚚Anti-theft Product: GPS Tracker-TK905 with 5 Strong magnets can be mounted very easily. It's also suitable to put it in the car. Built-in 3.7V 5000mAh lithium-ion battery, which can standby for up to 60 days. It will be helpful to locate cars for a long time..⏰Multiple modes: Set the vibration, speed alarm, sleep mode and so on. Use GPS Tracker-905 to connect the APP and Website. Set a geo-fence for it to limit its movement within the area. It can also Keep its 180 days historical route..🌎No Monthly Fee: GPS Tracker-TK905 has a Lifetime free platform, if you use your own SIM card, you can use APP and web page login for free.