Eniva Health Liquid Chlorophyll | Skin Immunity Energy Detox Gut Health | Detoxification and Provides Intestinal Immune, & Digestive System Support | USA Manufacture | Mint Flavor - 64 Servings Total


Superfood Health: This specialized pigment found in green leafy plants offers a wide range of advantages: Liver, blood, skin, body odor, energy, immunity, digestion, weight and cellular health*..Liver Support: Chlorophyll binds to toxins and helps your liver eliminate harmful substances before being absorbed in your body. That’s why it’s ideal for detoxification and cleansing, and helpful for efficient metabolism of alcohol, drugs, or medications..Blood Benefits: Chlorophyll supports the production and integrity of both white and red blood cells. White blood cells naturally protect you from “bad players” in your body and red ones help carry oxygen to where you need it.* Proper blood flow also helps your lymph system remove toxins from your blood.*.Beautiful Skin: Chlorophyll not only supports collagen synthesis, its antioxidants and nutrients address skin repair, inflammation.*.Internal Body Deodorant: Its detoxing properties neutralize unwanted body odor, helping you feel and smell fresh!*



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