X-Sense AC Hardwired Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, Hardwired Interconnected Smoke and CO Detector Alarm with Replaceable Battery Backup, XP06, 3-Pack


10-Year Product Life: This combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector features high-quality sensors and components which are built to last 10 years, protecting your home for a decade; it is hardwired into your home's power with a 9 V battery backup.Detects Both Smoke and CO: The X-Sense detector features a photoelectric smoke sensor that detects smoke from slow-burning fires, as well as an electrochemical CO sensor that detects dangerous CO levels in the air.Reliable Safety Network for Complete Monitoring: Interconnect up to 18 X-Sense hardwired detectors to detect potential danger anywhere in your home, for complete monitoring and safety.If One Alarm Goes Off, All of Them Will: When one alarm is triggered, all emit a loud 85 dB sound, to ensure that everyone in your house is alerted; the backup battery ensures that all units are always connected and continue to function normally, even in the event of a power failure.Single Button Control: Simply press the test/silence button on one of the units to test or silence the entire interlinked system, without the need to operate each unit individually; the large, user-friendly central button allows for easy control with a long stick, with no climbing ladder required



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