ARRAWIS Burial Flag Display Case Fits 5'x9.5' Flag, Thin Bottom Edge Military Flag Box with Glass Front for American Veteran Flag, Wooden Memorial Folded Flag Case Shadow Box (Black)


Honor and Respect: A burial flag display case is a great way to show honor and respect for a deceased veteran or servicemember. By prominently displaying their folded American flag, you can pay tribute to their dedication and sacrifice.Protection 5 'x9.5' Flag: American display shadow box for burial flag provide a protective container for the folded flag, keeping it from dust, dirt, and damage. The case can also help prevent fading or discoloration, so that the flag remains in pristine condition for years to come.Quality Craftsmanship: The flag frame is made of high-quality pine, and the real glass front design displays the flag clearly in an elegant and professional way. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into the construction of the box make that it will be a beautiful and lasting tribute to your loved.Multi-functionality: Military flag burial flag display case with multiple settings. They can also be easily transported and displayed in activities such as funerals, memorialservices or military reunions. Commonly displayed in home or office as a way to commemorate and remember loved ones.Legacy: The flag display cases can use as a lasting legacy to your loved ones and sacrifice. By displaying their flag in a dignified and respectful manner, you can make that their memory and contribution to our country will be honored and remembered for generations to come



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