Hook and Loop Tape 1in x 4in 10 Pairs, Slef Adhesive Interlocking Tape Strip, Mounting Tape Heavy Duty Adhesion, Hook Lopp Fastener Double Sided Tape,Sticky Back Fastener


The Hook and Loop Tape : 9448A double side tape sticky back fastener hook and loop tape square. Black color nylon material interlocking tape. Size: 1in(25mm) width 4in(200mm) length.Heavy duty hook and loop tape: 30N(1in x 2in sample). Sticky side adhesion strength: 110N(1in x 2in sample). Temperature resistance heat up to 149°C(300°F) in short time..Hook and Loop Recommend: Securing fabric to furniture cushions. The self adhesion sticky fastener hook and loop tape coated heavy duty double sided tape. Car carpet and home floor mat and other stuff fixation. Same as mounting tape to mounting car camera, home carpet tape,remote fixation..Hook Loop Fastener Advantage: This hook and loop tape fastener is covered with flexible J-shaped hooks, about 300 hooks per square inch (46 hooks/square cm.), which protrude up from a woven backing. Commonly paired loop fastener to ensure stability and flatness, both the hook and loop are preshrunk. Up to 5000 times reclosable life time..Repeated Closures: This Hook and Loop Strip Fasteners offer great design flexibility, fast product assembly, smooth and clean exterior surfaces and excellent product performance in many applications. Hook and Loop Fasteners consist of hooks and loops which engage to form a quick fastening attachment. To disengage the attachment, simply pull the strips apart by hand..How to use: 1 Cleaning the surface( with adhesion promotor if possible). 2 Wipe dry the surface. 3. Adhering pressing the tape. 4. Waiting for around 24 hours to obtain best bonding strength( the bond strength will achieve 90% after 24 hours).



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