HimaPro Heavy-Duty Angled Prybar Set, 4-Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar with Strike Caps and Hand Protection Mechanism, Industrial Grade Steel with Angled Tip, Perfect For Prying, Scrapping, Lifting, Pulling


HimaPro 4 piece pry bar set - 8.5" 13" 18.5" and 24.5"..Ergonomic handle and build-in strike cap allows pry bar to be struck without damaging the handle. Extended plastic disc at the end of the handle cap to prevent your hand from being accidentally struck by the hammer..Angled tip creates a high-leverage fulcrum for lifting..Blackened finished steel shafts that won't easily bend or deform. Also protects the pry bar set from corrosion and rust..Buy with 100% confidence and satisfaction: 30 day money back guarantee with Amazon FBA.



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