HimaPro Heavy-Duty Angled Prybar Set, 4-Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar with Strike Caps and Hand Protection Mechanism, Industrial Grade Steel with Angled Tip, Perfect For Prying, Scrapping, Lifting, Pulling


**Complete Pry Bar Set:** The HimaPro Heavy-Duty Angled Prybar Set includes 4 essential sizes - 8.5", 13", 18.5", and 24.5". Tackle various tasks with precision and leverage using this versatile set..**Strike Cap for Impact:** Designed with an ergonomic handle and built-in strike cap, these pry bars can be struck without damaging the handle. The extended plastic disc at the end of the handle cap protects your hand from accidental hammer strikes..**Angled Tip for High-Leverage:** The angled tip of each pry bar creates a high-leverage fulcrum, making lifting, prying, scrapping, and pulling tasks more efficient and effective..**Durable Blackened Finished Steel:** Crafted from industrial-grade steel with a blackened finish, these pry bars resist bending and deformation. The blackened finish also protects the set from corrosion and rust, ensuring long-lasting durability..**Versatile Industrial-Grade Steel:** Built to handle heavy-duty tasks, the HimaPro Heavy-Duty Angled Prybar Set is perfect for professionals and DIYers alike, providing the strength and reliability needed for demanding applications.



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