Orgabay Liposomal Quercetin Phytosome 1600 mg,Bromelain 200mg,Zinc 30mg,Vitamin C Turmeric 40 mg,Highest Absorption,Quercetin Complex, 120 Softgels


🥇 1600 MG HIGH DOSE QUERCETIN: Orgabay quercetin with bromelain supplement contains 1600 mg dose of quercetin per serving, which has higher doses than quercetin 500 mg and quercetin 1000 mg..🥇 200 MG BROMELAIN: Bromelain works synergistically with quercetin to increase quercetin bioavailability and improve quercetin absorption. Bromelain is a natural plant compound used for centuries..🥇 RAPID EFFECTIVE ABSORPTION BY 20X: Liposomal quercetin phytosome overcomes the limitations of poor water solubility and low oral bioavailability. The liposome technology increases the absorption rate of quercetin with vitamin C and zinc by 20X more than other regular quercetin supplements..🥇 FINEST INGREDIENTS: It also contains 200 mg of bromelain, 40 mg of vitamin C, and 30 mg of turmeric and you'll get the optimal antioxidant support you need to maintain your body with our 5 in 1 zinc quercetin complex..🥇 MADE IN USA: Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free. Orgabay zinc with quercetin supplements is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality control standards. Available in 60 soft gels for a 30-day supply.



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