6 Inch Layout Block System for Stained Glass Panels with Mix Color Push Pins Stain Glass Tools and Supplies Panel Layout Stained Glass Making Tools (16 Pieces)


Package Includes: 16 pieces of 6 inch L shaped layout block system for stained glass panels, which can be fixed on the stained glass panels by included 60 pieces mixed color push pins, to ensure that the position of the edge of the project does not move; Note: because of long distance transportation, the product may bump and scrape, just wipe it with a towel.Quality and Practical: the L shape aluminum alloy layout blocks are light and sturdy, not easy to deform, and can easily help you arrange straight lines and 90 degree right angles; Using the thumbtacks to fix to keep manual items in place, and make better effect of the finished project.Thoughtful Design: the layout block system has a suitable size as marked in the picture, which is suitable for most sizes of workbenches, and can be fixed according to requirements; There are small holes on the aluminum alloy L shaped blocks, which is convenient for fixing with pushpins, and the pushpins are strong and wear resistant; After disassembly, they also can be applied on multiple work panels, convenient and fast.Good Helper for Stained Glass Projects: whether you are a beginner or a professional studio member of stained glass handmade products, this L shaped glass layout block kit can improve the quality rate of your work, effectively increase your working efficiency, and gain satisfied work.Nice Gift: you can share these quality and practical stain glass tools and supplies to the friends, family, and colleagues of handmade glass making enthusiasts to express your concern and strengthen the relationship between you and them, which are nice gifts with warmth