TOAUTO 6KG Upgraded Propane Melting Furnace TMF6000B-V3 Gas Kiln Kit 1300°C /2372°F for Scrap Metal Recycle Gold Silver Copper Aluminum Melting Refining Smelting


【TRASH TO TREASURE】Foundry Metalwork is surprisingly easy and affordable, and well with TOAUTO TMF6000B-V3 full line of furnaces and smelting products, you can easily make turn scrap metal into something fancy artwork, like ingots, special parts and 3D casting ornaments. METAL MELTING MADE EASY!.【V3 UPGRADED VERSION】TOAUTO TMF6000B-V3 version smelting furnace Improves inlet valve on the burner, thickens ceramic cotton and powder-coated body, adds NEW 30PSI propane regulator with PSI Gauge, premium clay crucible and limit device. Upgraded to V3 VERSION for orders after Nov 22, 2022, for a smooth melting experience. You won't be disappointed!.【POWERFUL HEAT PERFORMANCE】TOAUTO TMF6000B-V3 smelting furnace equipped with a single burner with 250000W/H power and adjustable 30 psi regulator propane maintains to maximize heat efficiency. Propane melting furnace can be heated up to 1300 °C / 2372 °F and can melt metals with a melting point below 1300 ° C in 15-20 Minutes such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper, and aluminum..【EFFICIENT INSULATION BARRIER】Furnace interior fully lined with a 1.2"(30mm)high-density Ceramic Fiber Blanket that can easily withstand 2000+°F to insulate, lightweight and durable. Also, contain a 4.5″X 9″X 0.8″ fire brick for the bottom serve as a firm base for the metal stock. Both of them combined to provide you with better heat retention for long life and extended use..【READY TO GO MELTING KIT】DELUXE kit comes with Propane Furnace /Single Burner /6KG Crucible /113ML Graphite Ingot Mold / 30 PSI Adjustable Propane Regulator /Tongs / High-temperature Gloves/ Firebrick. TOAUTO home smelting equipment also comes with a manual with helpful illustrations and notes that’s easy to follow and understand for beginners. START YOUR NEW HOBBY NOW!!!



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