6 Pieces Hardware Wand Tip Repair Wand for Broken Horizontal Blind Hardware Wand Assembly Replacement Kits Vertical Blinds Replacement Slats Exterior Window Shutters for Interior Windows


Package contents: you will receive 6 pieces hardware wand tips for broken horizontal blind, enough to meet your daily requirements of use and replacement, with the rest available for use, and you can also share them with family members and friends.Size information: the outer diameter is about 0.39 inch, and the part that goes into the tube is a cuboid, measuring about 0.16 x 0.16 x 0.43 inch in size, and please make sure the size information before purchasing.Better effects with glue: if you have a larger diameter of these repair wand at home, you can use glue to make it stronger, and the clear design allows you to attach your blinds properly.Plastic material: these hardware wand assembly replacement kits are made of clear plastic materials, which are solid and sturdy, not easy to break or deform, delicate and practical accessories in daily time, which can be applied for a long time.Lightweight to use: these vertical blinds replacement slats are lightweight, easy to use, proper size, which will not occupy much space in the blinds or bring too much burden to your blinds or windows, convenient to apply



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