iplusmile 10Pcs Automatic Display Holder, Store Display Shelves Matchbook Display Case, Can Organizer, Display Stand Rack Pushers Display Holder for Store Retail(28CM)


【After-sales service】 We are committed to building quality customer after-sales service, if you receive a product that you are not satisfied, please in a timely manner, we will help you solve the problem, thank you very much..【Automatic Push Design】This display case is designed with automatic push design, which allows your products to be pushed forward automatically, making it easier for your customers to access your products. This design not only improves your customers buying experience, but also reduces your workload and improves work efficiency..【Easy to Clean】This display case is made of acrylic material, the surface is smooth and easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth, no need to use any cleaner. This easy-to-clean design can make your store more hygienic and tidy..【Strong Durability】This display case is made of acrylic material, which has very strong durability. They are not easy to break or deform and can be used for a long time without frequent replacement. This durable design can save you money and improve economic efficiency..【Simple and Stylish】These display cabinets have a simple and stylish design with a clean and generous appearance. They can be matched with a variety of different store styles, making your store more fashionable and high-end. This simple and fashionable design can attract more customers and increase sales.