SANCNEE 12 Pairs White Cotton Gloves for Dry Hands, Eczema Lotion Gloves, Small


Details:premium cotton,soft,,hypoallergenic,excellent breathable, white cotton gloves for moisturizing hands overnight bedtime,lock in moisture,reusable and machine washable.Package:cotton gloves eczema 12 pairs,,small cotton gloves for women Size S:8.6 inch(22cm)length,3.5inch(9cm)width.More uses: moisturizing gloves for dry hands,archive gloves,work gloves,coin inspection gloves,waiter gloves,gloves liner,gloves for dry hand treatments etc.Features:assist the absorption of hand creams,ointments,lotion,aloe,moisturizer overnight and day time,they'll prevent cosmetic from staining your clothes or bed sheets, dermatology dry hands is always diffcult to repair, moisturizing eczema cotton gloves can easy your life.Dermatologists suggest: condition your hands before bed by applying moisturizer and wearing white cotton gloves!