Precious Metal Test Stone, Practical Jewelry Gold Testing Tool Touchstone Portable Gold Detecting Stone Gold Jewelry Scratch Test Tool Ouchstone Portable Gold Test Stone(S)


Design for - This touchstone is used to verify the gold content in items. And it use together with Acids to test silver gold and other perciouse metal..How to Use - Apply a drop acid test on touchstone, real gold will stay on the touchstone, fake one will be dissolved or oxidized to blue..Verify the Metals - This solution works for testing any gold which you believe to be 10K, 14K, 18K, 22-24K, silver, and platinum pure..Application - Ideal for testing jewelry, coins, antique gold, silver, platinum collectibles. Suitable for jewelry making, jewelry collector and gold rusher..Working Principle - Acid changes color based on purity. Very easy to use.



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