Behear Access Hearing Amplifiers for Seniors - Rechargeable Bluetooth In Ear Amplifier - Hearing Enhancement Devices For Live Conversations, Phone Calls, Music Play & Ambient Hearing + Custom Features


SUPERIOR AUDIO & BUILT QUALITY: Behear Access is a stylish hearing amplifier for people who need enhanced hearing devices in specific situations. It looks (and functions) like a typical Bluetooth stereo headset but also provides enhancement for all around hearing (live conversations, mobile phone calls, music play, TV viewing, movies/theater & concert performances, outdoors in nature), as well as assistive listening functionality. It's a sound amplifier listening device that improves auditory experiences for those with normal hearing, as well as people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss..HEARING LOOP TECHNOLOGY: This Personal Sound Amplifier has Built-in Telecoil receivers that ensures best possible hearing in locales. Equipped with hearing loop technology it ensures that there is no interference, no reverberation, no background noise just the original signal transmitted directly from the input. This closed system feature in this hearing amplifier headphones provides people, especially those with hearing loss, an excellent way to hear voice and audio signals clearly, even in noisy places or when the sound source is far away..EFFORTLESS CHARGING, ENDLESS CONVERSATIONS: Behear Access uses rechargeable batteries - with only 2 hours of charging it's equivalent to 13+ hours in hearing mode, 10+ hours talk mode, 8+ hours play mode or 400 hours standby. This is a super ear personal sound amplifier that's ideal for everyday use, with handling & wind reduction feature, it can be used indoors or outdoors - making it one of the go-to hearing devices for elderly people, keeping seniors connected to the people & sounds they love..BEHEAR APP FOR PERSONALIZATION: This award-winning device features an intuitive app that's on top of any assistive listening devices. It simplifies hearing customization. The headset itself includes a various controls to manage hearing functions having 6 different hearing profiles: Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd, Live Music, Telecoil (Exclusive),Telecoil (Transparent). While the Behear Application includes Self-administered personal hearing assessment for automatic adjustment of the sound in operational modes (ambient hearing, phone calls, and audio play). An option to set the balance between left and right ears, direct access to the video tutorials library and various helpful device settings..COMPLETE HEARING KIT: Each purchase includes not just the device but a complete set of accessories: Micro USB charging cable, 3 types of silicone ear buds in varying sizes, 3 sizes of silicone ear hooks, 2 pairs of wind protection covers, Quick Start Guide & Durable travel pouch. These additions ensure that this sound amplifying headphones, ideal as hearing devices for elderly people, fits just right, offering both comfort and ease of use. Perfect for seniors seeking a simple and reliable hearing solution.



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