Signi Poly Strip Abrasive Drawing Wheel,Clean & descale welds,Paint Rust and Oxidation Wheel Remover Wheel, Polisher Sander Wire Draw for Hand held Polishing Machine (110x100x19mm)


High strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as the base material, and the resin elastomer and high quality emery or silicon carbide using special technology organic combination, to form a high strength, high wear-resistant, honeycomb shape, soft grinding wheel, it is more than the traditional grinding wheel steel brush abrasive cloth, etc..The workpiece for rough grinding, deburring, cleaning, paint (paint), sanding, drawing, grinding, decorative lines, grinding, matte, soft light, polishing and mirror processing, with durable, efficient, self-sharpening, workpiece surface not black, high finish..Used for all metal products, ceramic products, wood products, plastic products, stone, etc.Will not damage the surface of the object, high work efficiency, very costly.Can be installed to drawing machine for wood polishing and burnishing, used for surface preparation, conditioning and finishing. Used to remove rust spots, oxide coats and paint, to strongly polish stainless steel and all metals, especially stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc.