KEVENZ 6-Pack Pressurized Tennis Ball, 2 Cans with Seal Design,Advanced All Courts Balls,Highly Elasticity, More Durable, Good for Beginner Training Ball


PRESSURELESS BALLS-MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Pressurized canning-a new technology that can maintain the air pressure of the tennis ball for a longer time, ensuring that the tennis ball will not leak due to time.Standard pressure balls, suitable for tennis tournament, practice, tennis ball machine, etc.HIGH CONSISTENCY ON ALL COURT TYPES: The great versatility of pressureless balls allows them to be used on any type of courts, hard or soft, without any issues. This makes them ideal for teaching and will allow you to enjoy your tennis sessions on any soft court or hard court surface under any circumstances!.IDEAL FOR TENNIS PRACTICE: Kevenz Tennis balls are highly popular among teaching pros & tutors, as well as avid players as they are highly durable and can be used in all kinds of lessons & practice. Plus, they're also ideal to use with ball machines!.MULTI-FUNCTION: Kevenz's tennis ball can also be used as a massage ball after you have worked hard. You can lie on the ball and let the ball massage your waist. It is comfortable and relieves fatigue..24 HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any questions about our tennis, please do not hesitate to call us immediately. We will serve you wholeheartedly.



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