CGOLDENWALL Eye Wash Station Wall Mounted Eyewash Station Eye Face Washing Sink for First Aid, with Eye Wash Sign, NPT Thread, 304 Stainless Steel+ABS coating


Affordable Safety Protection Investment: this eye wash station is designed according to ANSI Z358.1-2014 standard, which is OSHA approved. It can not only help you pass the OSHA inspectations, but also have strengthen thousand of workplaces' safety protections, reducing the probability of a great loss by another 60%..Hand-free Quick Washing: Once activated, the eye washer will spray out two columnar water stream without splashing, realizing hand-free eye/face washing. The ergonomic double nozzle have a built-in dual-layer filter to filter impurities in the water, avoiding second contaminate&hurt of eyes by hands. Flip-top dust covers make the spray heads keep cleaning..Customized NPT Thread, Leak-proof: This emergency shower station requires plumbing connection, and the inlet&outlet has been customized to NPT threads to meet the pipe thread specifications in the US market, preventing water leakage. Inlet size: NPT1/2", Drain size: NPT1-1/4", NOTE: the NPT adapter comes with eyewash station, please check before installation..Easy Installation, No Water Capacity LImit: This compact eyewash station has a very simple construction, and requires plumbing connection. The water sprayed from the eyewash nozzles is always moving clean water, no heavy water replacement work, no water capacity limits, no eye washing time limits, and is suitable for busy commerical workplaces. Please note: the eyewash unit requires for the water source with pressure within 0.2-0.4MPa, and itself has no ability to change the water..Stainless Steel Material+ABS Coating: High-quality SS304 stainless steel+outdoor special ABS electrostatic spraying, which effectively improves the product's performance in acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; and the eye-catching yellowcolor is good for positioning this unit. Most parts of the eye wash station can be disassembled and replaced separately, which is convenient for maintenance.