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PROTECT CLOTHES: Great for professional salons and for the home, this cape is specifically designed for hair coloring and other chemical treatments. The anti-static cape will ensure that your client’s clothes remain free from dampness, chemicals and dyes..LONG LASTING, WATERPROOF AND STAIN RESISTANT: The black cape is made from lightweight polyester coated with durable polyurethane. In combination, these materials are stain resistant, colorsafe and waterproof..SIZE: The cape is 57.5in (146cm) long and 43in (110cm) wide. It offers full shoulder coverage and drops to just below the knees in the front so it effectively protects the whole body when the client is seated. The neck of the cape is adjustable and has a six-snap closure, ensuring that one size fits all, male and female..PREMIUM SNAP CLOSURE: These high quality snaps are superior to velcro in terms of cleanliness and functionality. While velcro is prone to becoming filled with hairs, which is not only unsightly but also becomes unable to properly stick together, the snap closures remain hair free and highly functional..EASY TO MAINTAIN: Machine washable and hang to dry with convenient hanging loop.