Jamaican Choice Curry Powder | 6.25 oz


Fresh and tasty Jamaican-style curry powder. Mild spiciness compliments the earthy taste of turmeric, the fresh tones of coriander..Our curry powder is made from all natural, fresh spices and herbs. Unlike other company’s spice blends, our ingredient list doesn’t hide behind vague terms such as “spice blend”. Our authentic Jamaican curry powder contains turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, cumin, sea salt, all spice, red pepper, and garlic..If you love the taste of our curry powder, but want to amp up the heat, try our Jamaican Hot Curry Powder, or add any of Jamaican Choice Hot sauces..The many spices in our curry powder will war for your tastebuds. Use it as a spice rub on veggies and proteins, or in your favorite Jamaican curry chicken recipes. Make your curry even more tasteful by adding Jamaican Choice Coconut Cream.



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