Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise Light Mayo 3 Count For a Creamy Condiment for Sandwiches and Simple Meals 60% Less Fat and Calories than Regular Mayonnaise 30 oz


Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise is a creamy light mayonnaise.This light mayo has 60% less fat and calories but all the rich, creamy flavor of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.Hellmann's Mayonnaise is made with 100% cage-free eggs*, oil, and vinegar.Hellmann's mayo is rich in Omega 3 ALA; it contains 230mg ALA per serving, which is 14% of the 16g daily value of ALA.Hellmann’s Light mayo is a delicious condiment to add to all simple meals such as sandwiches, potato salad, wraps, burgers, and barbecue.Hellmann’s light mayo bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic and are committed to reducing in-home food waste by 50% by 2030



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