Fantasy Baseball Draft Grid


The Grid helps you do live and mock drafts using a unique interface which displays a 400-player cheat-sheet in the shape of a draft grid..Run through one or more mock drafts in just minutes apiece -- see the patterns that emerge over and over and you'll be ready for any draft..Simple & quick phone + tablet interface also makes the Grid the perfect companion to your online draft room..Once you get used to it, you'll see how putting the cheat-sheet right in the draft grid simplifies EVERYTHING..400 player cheat-sheet compiled from expert sources.Mock drafting feature makes it easy to have blocks of picks made instantaneously so you can spend all your time on YOUR picks.Full Keeper support.See all teams' rosters and position needs in one glance, with no extra clicks, and always get your man before someone else does.See where runs and dry spells will occur for all positions in once glance, and nail every pick at maximum value..Fully Customizable Rankings



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