Caciocavallo Italian Cheese - Whole Form - Traditional (4.5 pound) - After an aging period of three months, this ancient cheese takes on a tangy, meaty flavor with hints of anise and almonds.


AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CHEESE: Enjoy the rich heritage of Southern Italian provinces with every bite of Caciocavallo, a traditional pasta filata cheese. A culinary gem from Abbruzo, Calabria, Campania, and Sicilia, right to your table!.AGED TO PERFECTION: After three months of aging, Caciocavallo develops an irresistible tangy, meaty flavor profile with subtle hints of anise and almonds. It's a delicious journey into the heart of Italian cheese-making tradition!.DISTINCTIVE SHAPE AND PRESENTATION: This cheese stands out with its gourd shape, presented in pairs and tied together by a rope. The unique shape and pairing make it a statement piece on any cheese board!.QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Made from pasteurized cow's milk, this cheese is an assurance of safety and top-quality. Enjoy the genuine Italian taste that respects traditional cheese-making techniques!.DIVERSE CULINARY USES: Whether it's part of an antipasto platter, melted on your favorite Italian dish, or paired with fruits and wine, Caciocavallo's versatility makes it a perfect choice for gourmets and culinary adventurers.



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