Day of Infamy : Attack on Pearl Harbor by Steve White
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On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on American military bases in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Masterfully planned and executed, the attack devastated the US Pacific Fleet; in less than two hours, Japanese aircraft had sunk or damaged all eight US battleships anchored in the harbor and had destroyed 151 planes. Thrust into battle, the United States could have only one response: war. DAY OF INFAMY portrays the attack that drove the United States into World War II in full-color, historically-accurate comic book narrative. Featuring the personal stories of front-line heroes like Ken Taylor, George Welch, and mess attendant Dorie Miller, DAY OF INFAMY also provides rich background material - causes and consequences, key players, and a glossary of terms - as well as a list of additional resources that encourages readers to delve further into the time period. DAY OF INFAMY is the ultimate way to experience how Pearl Harbor unfolded and to introduce a lifelong passion for reading.


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