Games Workshop Battletome Skaven


Background Information: Endless warrens of background information on the Skaven, including their history, quarrelsome society, and the magnificence of the Great Horned Rat. It contains heaps of artwork that captures the malign majesty of the expansive Under-Empire.Warscrolls: It contains 45 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for the insidious ratmen and their terrifying war machines, from the lowliest Clanrat to the most cunning Deathmaster.Rules: It contains rules for all 6 Great Clans, plus command traits, artefacts of power, spell lores, prayers, and battle traits like Strength in Numbers and Scurry Away.Path to Glory Campaign Rules: Path to Glory campaign rules that allow you to enact the circuitous plans of the Great Horned Rat, plus 11 warscroll battalions for use in narrative play.Play Content: Matched play content, including 5 grand strategies and 4 battle tactics to confound your opponents