Men's Health Maximum Muscle Plan : The High-Efficiency Workout Program to Increase Your Strength and Muscle Size in Just 12 Weeks
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"The science of muscle building has changed, and this pioneering workout book--packed with new discoveries that cannot be found in other books--shows how lifters today can get bigger, stronger, and more ripped" Forget everything you ever learned about strength training. Whether you're just an occasional lifter or a gym rat who lives next to the dumbbell racks, there's a good chance that nearly everything you're doing is wrong. This program replaces outdated myths with the newest findings at the vanguard of the strength-training world. Readers will discover: - how to add as much as 50 pounds to their bench press in just 12 weeks, with no single workout session taking longer than 30 minutes - hundreds of exercise variations and information on tailoring workouts to one's body type, lifestyle, and goals - definitive answers to dozens of fitness debates, such as: Can you get an aerobic workout by lifting faster? Does the "slow burn" technique work? What's the best time of day to lift? In addition to exercises for each muscle group, there are sections devoted to flexibility, cardio workouts, nutrition, and sports performance.


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