Freud Verbatim by Sigmund Freud


Sigmund Freud has inspired more fascination and controversy than any other intellectual in history. Despite the intense opposition he encountered during his life, this "explorer of the unconscious" exerted an irresistibly stimulating effect on contemporary thought. As the founder of psychoanalysis and the creator of such commonly used terms as ego, superego, and id, Freud has had an unrivaled impact on the modern world. "Freud Verbatim "is a collection of quotes, maxims, observations, and witticisms by Freud on subjects ranging from politics and religion to love and sex. In addition to assembling passages from Freud's major works, this collection also makes use of personal letters to his friends and family. Organized into ten thematic chapters, this compilation, in a handsome two-color printed format, provides a representative look into all of Freud's work. Thus the quote, by its nature only a part, nonetheless speaks for the whole.


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