Textbook of Receptor Pharmacology
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The bestselling first edition of Textbook of Receptor Pharmacology originated from a renowned course in receptor pharmacology taught at the University College of London for the past three decades. Its innovative format united four major approaches to the study of receptors: molecular biology, quantitative functional studies of agonists and antagonists, ligand binding, and signal transduction systems. The second edition builds on this foundation. This edition streamlines the material and focuses on cell membrane receptors along with their immediate signal transducers. The section on the molecular structure of receptors reflects the advances in this area. This edition also includes two restructured new chapters, one on G-proteins and one on tyrosine kinases, as signal transductors. Several chapters also contain problems for students to solve as well as worked-out solutions. The book contains over one hundred useful diagrams and tables to aid illustration of concepts and a helpful appendix explaining the simple mathematics used in the text. A time-saving resource and comprehensive textbook, Textbook of Receptor Pharmacology, Second Edition provides in-depth, up-to-date coverage of this still rapidly expanding research area that is both fundamental to the science of pharmacology and on the cutting edge of new drug development.


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