The ABA Complete and Easy Guide to Health Care Law : Your Guide to Protecting Your Rights As a Patient, Dealing with Hospitals, Health Insurance, Medi


With health care costing more and more, and being of ever greater concern to Americans, the time is right for a book that looked at the laws and rules that impact health care. The book attempts to give people a blueprint of this area, helping them understand the issues -- and protect themselves as consumers."The ABA Complete and Easy Guide to Health Care Law" is a road map for people who want to start taking control of their medical care. It leads the reader through basic terms, and encourages patients to become informed consumers. It gives readers the tools to protect themselves by providing checklists with questions for their doctors and health care plans, and provides resources for those who need or want more information. It answers questions faced by baby boomers worried about their future health care, and advises them on the options available for long-term care. It tells consumers who are battling infertility or other disabilities their rights as employees. It differs from other books in that it gives precise steps to take when they feel they are being discriminated against by their employers. It was written by an attorney, with the assistance of attorneys who practice health law on a daily basis.


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