Pearl Harbor by Randall Wallace
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An epic love story set in the last days before nations made the devastating leap from peace to world war, "Pearl Harbor", is a tale of heroism on both an epic scale and a profoundly personal one. Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker are two daring, young pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps. The pair have grown up as close as brothers, doing everything together including learning to fly, a skill they gained in crop-dusting planes. When Rafe and Evelyn Stewart, a lovely and courageous nurse serving in the U.S. Navy fall in love just before he ships off to join the English in the Battle of Britain, the trio's fate is set on a collision course. Evelyn and Danny are transferred to the seeming paradise of Hawaii's Pearl Harbor only to have their Eden shattered when word reaches them that Rafe has been killed in combat. Grief-stricken, they hold fast to one another for support, and ultimately, fall in love. Then Rafe returns... -- "Pearl Harbor" is set for release alongside the major motion picture starring Ben Affleck, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Josh Hartnett and Alec Baldwin. -- Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, "Pearl Harbor" is getting the biggest buzz of any film since Titanic. -- World War II is a popular topic on audio The success of Stephen Ambrose's works, as well as The Greatest Generation, and Flags of Our Fathers have helped raise interest in the subject. -- "Pearl Harbor" author Randall Wallace won an Academy Award as the screenwriter for Braveheart. -- The Simon & Schuster Audio will feature movie-tie-in art.


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