Inside the Nuremberg Trial Set : A Prosecutor's Comprehensive Account by Drexel A. Sprecher
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Inside the Nuremberg Trial is a two volume set that provides the most comprehensive and accessible representation of the trial of the major German war criminals before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany following World War II. The author discusses the evidence, the arguments of counsel for both the Prosecution and the Defense, and the judgment of the International Military Tribunal. He covers each stage of the trial from early preparation to the judgment, and concludes with a summary of the legacy of the trial in recent history. Separate parts of the book deal with the presentation of the American, British, French, and Soviet delegations of the Prosecution, and separate chapters discuss the defense of each of the twenty-two defendants and each of the seven accused organizations. In addition, the author deals with the evidence of the persecution of the Jews before World War II through the evidence of the persecution and murder of Jews, Gypsies and others during the war. Separate chapters focus on the murders by the Einsatzgruppen (Special Task Force Group) and the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto.


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