Windows 10 Inside Out by Craig, Bott, Ed, Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft, Siechert, Carl Stinson
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Written by the award-winning team that created the best-seller "Windows 7 Inside Out," it digs deep to explain not just how new features work, but why they work that way. The authors are backed by world-class technical editors and inside sources at Microsoft to make sure their information is accurate and complete. Windows 10 Inside Out contains extensive new coverage of Windows 10's most valuable features, including the revamped interface with its restored and improved Start menu; its support for a growing number of modern Windows Store apps; opportunities to integrate Windows 10 with cloud-based services; and much more. If you've waited to upgrade from Windows 7, this guide tells you exactly what's new, and how to make an exceptionally smooth transition. Coverage includes: Installing, configuring, and deploying Windows 10 Adding apps and desktop programs, and personalizing your user experience Using OneDrive and other cloud services Managing, organizing, finding, backing up, and restoring files Working with Internet Explorer, Mail, Messaging, and digital media apps Enforcing security and privacy on Windows 10 devices and networks Tuning and monitoring performance, and troubleshooting crashes Automating tasks and using advanced system management tools Setting up and configuring hardware, storage devices, and pen and voice input And much more "


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