Astronomy by Dinah L. Moché


Feel at home among the stars with this acclaimed astronomy self-teaching guide . . . "A lively, up-to-date account of the basic principles of astronomy and exciting current fields of research."-- Science Digest "One of the best ways by which one can be introduced to the wonders of astronomy."-- The Strolling Astronomer "Excellent . . . provides stimulating reading and actively involves the reader in astronomy."-- The Reflector From stars, planets, and galaxies to the mysteries of bla holes, the Big Bang, and the possibility of life on other planets, this new edition of Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide brings the fascinating night sky to life for every student and amateur stargazer. With a unique self-teaching format, Astronomy clearly explains the essentials covered in an introductory college-level course. Written by an award-winning author, this practical guide offers beginners an easy way to quickly grasp the basic principles of astronomy. To help you further appreciate the wonders of the cosmos, this book also includes: Star and Moon maps that identify objects in the sky Objectives, reviews, and self-tests that monitor your progress Simple activities that help you to test basic principles at your own pace Updated with the latest discoveries, new photographs, and references to the best astronomy Web sites, this newest edition of Astronomy imparts an extraordinary appreciation of the elegant beauty of the universe. Over 2 Million Wiley Self-Teaching Guides in Print


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