Johanna's Bridegroom and Plain Protector by Emma, Stone, Alison Miller
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Two Amish stories of faith and love Johanna's Bridegroom by Emma Miller Johanna Yoder stuns Roland Byler when she asks him to be her husband--in a marriage of convenience. With both of them widowed single parents, why shouldn't their families become one? But Roland has never forgotten his long-ago love for her and he's determined to woo the stubborn Johanna and convince her to accept his offer of happily-ever-after. Plain Protector by Alison Stone Social worker Sarah Gardner doesn't want to run again, but when an unknown assailant attacks her shortly after moving to Apple Creek, she may not have a choice. Unless deputy sheriff Nick Jennings can protect her. Nick knows Sarah holds secrets that threaten both their lives, but he can't turn away a woman in peril...especially one he can't imagine a future without.


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