Natural SHEEP Casings for Sausage Making, 24-26mm, Great Hot Dog Casing or Sausage Casing for Merguez & Breakfast Sausage, Pre-Tubed, Edible, A Grade, Halal, from New Zealand, 32” makes 7lb Sausages


THE NEW ZEALAND CASINGS CO. These edible, pre-flushed sheep casings / sausages skins / intestines for sausage making are 24-26mm / about 1” diameter (about the size of a Quarter). They make SLIM, TENDER & JUICY SAUSAGES. Great hot dog, chorizo, chipolata, merguez, chicken, pork, venison, lamb, beef or breakfast sausage casing. With this 32ft sausage casing you can make approximately 7lb or 52 sausages..SUPERIOR SAUSAGE CASINGS These sausage casings are ‘A-GRADE’ (the best grade). They are pre-flushed and pre-tubed onto 2 hard tubes (16ft of casings per tube), which makes them much easier to transfer onto your sausage maker nozzle and prevents annoying knots or tangles. Certified Halal Casings..NO 'SHORTS' GUARANTEE We are proud to have a no ‘shorts’ guarantee for our products. This pack contains 2 tubes, each with 16ft of casings (32ft total) which means less time, less wastage, less mess and better sausages for you. ‘Shorts’ are short casing off-cuts, which can be as short as 2ft. Some manufacturers package these up and sell them off to unsuspecting customers, so always read the fine print..SHEEP CASINGS ARE THE BEST sausage casings for sausage making. Sheep casings have an amazing 'semipermeable' wall which breathes, meaning your beautiful cooking flavours can permeate the casing and infuse your sausage meat, they also have a delicate ‘bite’ and are less prone to chewiness than hog casings. The end result is a sausage with great flavour, juiciness and the much-prized sausage "snap" that you can only get from natural casings.NATURAL IS ALWAYS BETTER Our products are naturally made by Mother Nature, not invented in a science lab. That's why our sausage casings have only two ingredients - natural sheep casings and salt – and why we only source from New Zealand farms, where the animals are free range, grass-fed and fully traceable from farm gate to plate..NEVER TRUST A STRAIGHT SAUSAGE If your sausage doesn't smile, it’s made from a collagen casing. Collagen casings are usually made from the hides of cattle or hogs and a concoction of chemicals. They have a wall like soft plastic which means they don't breathe in any beautiful BBQ/smoking flavours or match the all important 'snap' of a natural casing. They are also prone to splitting on the BBQ. So don’t settle for a sad, dry, tasteless sausage. CHOOSE A NATURAL CASING EVERY TIME.



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