Love To Dream Swaddle UP Transition Suit 1.0 TOG - Gray - 13-19 lbs - M
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The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Transition Suit is a gentle transition solution, which helps preserve a baby's precious sleep routine and is perfect for babies who are ready to transition & love the secure feeling of a swaddle. Babies between two to three months grow fast, and when they are able to roll over, they are ready to transition from a swaddle to arms-free sleep. This transition can sometimes be hard because babies may still have some startle reflex present and they are used to swaddling. The Love To Dream team designed the Swaddle UP Transition Suit – which is part of Stage 2 in the Love To Dream’s 3 Stage Sleep System - to make this transition easy for both baby and parents. This transition swaddle shares the same features as the Swaddle UP Transition Bag, but with the added versatility of the unique Self-Soothing Sleeves and suit-like legs. Specially designed shorter zip-off Self-Soothing Sleeves provide a swaddling effect with the mitten cuffs folded over – perfect for babies that have been swaddled arms down. The Swaddle UP Transition Suit will gently transition your baby from sleeping snug in a swaddle towards having the independence of sleeping with his or her arms free in a sleep suit. The zipper design makes it easy to go back to the original swaddle design if your baby is not ready to transition. Once your little one is comfortable with both wings removed, the Swaddle UP Transition Suit can be used like a snug and comfortable sleep suit, but with baby still feeling secure. Since 2008, Love To Dream has been finding simple, yet genius solutions to everyday parenting and baby needs. Our desire was always to create products that looked great and more importantly provided a solution to a parenting challenge. The best news of all is that our products work! So everyone in the family will achieve a better night’s sleep. Functionality, usefulness and innovation are key for Love To Dream.