Eye Wash Station Emergency Wall-Mounted - Yeipower Portable First Aid Eyewash Station Eye Irrigation Sign


WALL MOUNTED EYEWASH STATION: Double nozzle design. Filter device inside the nozzle. Filters impurities in the water. Provides comfortable water flow. Emergency eye wash time must be controlled for more than 15 minutes..POWERFUL EFFECT: Eyewash station is also suitable for high-risk workplaces like laboratories and factories that deal with chemical hazards. Emergency cleaning of foreign bodies from the eyes and relief of eye fatigue..SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Eyewash station can be quickly installed on any faucet. Control the water flow by pushing the hand. Easy to operate. We provide a green eyewash sign that is eye-catching..ABS COATING: Eyewash station is made of SS304 stainless steel. Washbasin is coated with ABS. The surface is more smooth and acid and corrosion resistant. Long-term durability..HASSLE-FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE: We recommend that the eyewash station and eyewash sign be installed in a visible location. If you have any questions about the product. Please contact me. Completely hassle-free. Add to cart now.